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About Us

Anel McInnes has been studying and working with the human body for the past 18 years. She is a qualified Pilates instructor and has spent most of her time studying and working in Geneva, Switzerland. Her interest in Manual body work came from her fascination with the connective tissue (fascia) system. After Geneva she moved with her husband to Cape Town, South Africa where she started to explore this amazing body system with her own clients and over the past 7 years been developing her own method; POSM or Postural Orientated Soft tissue Massage. She believes our connective tissue plays a big role in why we get injuries and also why it sometimes seems impossible to recover 100% from an injury. This system has been greatly overlooked and she believes herein lies the missing link to all our daily irritations and injuries.

What we believe 

  • Unlearn new compensatory patterns before re-establish new natural patterns
  • Never build on inefficient movement patterns
  • Find the reason for pain before you start a strength program
  • It's not our body's weakness that lets us down, it is the overworked, under-supported muscles that gives in under pressure.
  • Our connective tissue can be our "superhero" suit or our worst enemy it all depends on how we treat it.
  • Healthy movement should be a way of life.


What others say

My name is Pauline,  I live in a retirement village and I am 86 years young. As far back as I can remember I have been under attack from pain. All over body pain to the point that I have been on strong medication for many years. Recently at the Village we have started exercise classes where Anel was the instructor.  We got talking one day and mentioned the problems I have daily with pain. Anel immediately offered to come and see me to see if she could help in any way. I am delighted to say that since she's been working on my body I have managed to reduce my pain medication and I'm also able to get through my day with more ease.  I tell her she has been an answer to prayer.

 Pauline L. - Nelson

During the 4 years that I was a one of Anel's clients the work we did significantly improved my posture. I think the key to this is that Anel is very focused on what her clients want and then develops a very personalized plan to deliver. This level of detailed attention also ensured that sessions were stimulating.

David - Cape Town

I found Anel a most intuitive practitioner and instructor. She gets to know the client and their needs and works accordingly. I struggled with fascia issues in both legs - mainly my feet, which were virtually inflexible when I began taking pilates classes with Anel. She identified why I had such discomfort - I was walking and climbing stairs without using my gluteal muscles, which compounded the fascia problem. She used a combination of fascia massage and pilates to help me loosen up and use my legs and feet correctly. I sorely miss her. New Zealand is very, very lucky to have gained her expertise.

Nissa - Cape Town

I just wanted to confirm that I would recommend Anel to anyone who is looking for help after an injury. Following a minor car accident 2 years ago I experienced continual wrist pain which would vary from day to day from annoying to agony. I had seen two different orthopedic specialists, a hand therapist, a physio, tried acupuncture, massage and most days used a wheat pack to try to manage the pain with little results. GP and doctors basically telling me there is nothing I can do about it and will just need to manage and avoid anything that causes pain. This is impossible to do when you work on a computer all day and like to go to the gym and be physically active.

After a few months of working with Anel I have finally seen improvements.  I now go much longer periods of time without any pain (sometimes even weeks) and am slowly returning back to proper gym weights exercises where I had previously been very limited with what I could do. With her experience on fascia fitness and original strength I am now confident in doing combat, yoga and pump classes again no longer terrified of the pain that usually occurred after these sessions. My standard work day would feel like torture after being on a computer all day long but now I feel so much better and am so thankful that for Anel’s help.

Paula - Auckland