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Superheroes are real

Superheroes are real.

But the bad guys are not called Dr. Evil, Magnito or The Green Goblin!  No, today we call our villains STRESS in all its multitude of forms.  Work STRESS, family STRESS, financial STRESS, the list goes on and on - you may have met some or all of these villains.

Superheroes.pngWhat the majority of people don’t know is that each one of us is born into our OWN Super Suit and it’s nicely kitted out with all kinds of superhero gadgets. 

  I’m sure (with my x-ray vision) I can see a little tear of laughter running down your cheek, but  just HOLD ON  and listen for just a little while longer, permit me to explain. 

  Our Super Suit is called fascia or also known as connective tissue.   Fascia protects us, keeps us upright and literally gives us a spring in our step. It can also, just to really do it justice, give us unbelievable strength and super energy. 

 Our gadgets are what we call Breathing, Contralateral movement and the Vestibular (balance) system.  These are the three pillars of original human strength. 

Breathing - strengthens our core. It fills our core cavity and send signals to the brain about our physical state of being. Breathing strengthens our “arches”, feet, pelvic floor, diaphragm and roof of our mouth, it stabilizes us, feeds us with oxygen and gives rhythm to our life. 

The vestibular system  -our balance system sits in our head just behind our ears and  is probably the most important sensory system we have.  Our vestibular system shapes our reality, how we see our self, how we interact with others, how we deal with our environment, the space we live in and how well we keep our heads up and face what life throws at us. 

And contralateral movement -  our body can be broken up into a left and right half and so does our brain. We are all aware of the fact that our left brain governs the right side of our body and so does the right brain to the left side of our body. When we engage in movement where one side of our body crosses our mid line we automatically strengthen our left/right brain connection and if you think of the body as big X, like when we stand with our arms and legs straight and spread out we form a big X.  With contralateral movement our right side moves towards our left and our left side moves towards our right, we strengthen the x meaning we strengthen the core and by default we strengthen our brain. 

But why, you might ask, do I not feel like a superhero but  rather  a zombie who has risen out of a  100 year old tomb? 

  At some point in our lives we started to believe the masses, the general consensus, the media, the collective thought processes, that said: “At a certain age you are too old, too busy or too weak to be strong and mobile”.   
So, sadly, under that frame of reference and  with the conditioning of many of those who have gone before us we accepted those false premises, they became beliefs and we hung up our super suits and pretended to be content with being like everyone else. 

  We sit for too long, don’t move nearly enough and barely breathe not to mention how we neglect both our vestibular system and contralateral movement.  So, in short, we’ve given up looking after our Super Suit (because we didn’t know it existed) and many of us are beginning to walk the road of  ”normal” which often equates to acceptance of reduced and declining strength and mobility which can lead to bodies that become weak :( 

  But, just imagine for a second that we can change all that. 

What if we could walk to the closet,  reach in and grab that magnificent  Super Suit, slide it on and feel as good as we did in times gone by.   Imagine how it would feel if everyday we felt we could take on the world and still be home in time for breakfast.  IMAGINE!  

  What if there WAS a little button to press that would reset everything and make us forget all these silly ideas.  Imagine if sayings like ‘I’m too weak, I’m too old or  I’m not fit enough’  could be superseded and only our memories of strength, health and energy remained.  OH…. WAIT BUT THERE IS!!!! 

The first stage to reclaiming our strength and heading towards superhero strength is BREATHING!  Simple right?  Nice, deep diaphragmatic breathing.  This shifts us from the ‘hold your breath’  “PANNNNNICCCCC” or, at least, “oh No!, I must respond quickly” (also called the ‘fight or flight’ response) state which, unfortunately, has become the norm for most of us…….to the calm, focused, centered “I’m OK and I’m in control!” mode.  Ahhhhhhh! Breathe out, sigh!

The second stage is getting our balance back through proper head movement and placement.  When we move our heads we awaken our vestibular and nervous system. 

 And then the third stage, we move!   We crawl, we walk, we march and we play.  Though slow play and childlike movements we stimulate and realign our neural system  and through that we illuminate our fascial Super Suit like a human torch.   

[font=Calibri, Calibri_MSFontService, sans-serif]AND VOILA! We’re back in business!  All the old memories of jumping, rolling, carrying, running, crawling and climbing come flooding back like new blood coursing [/font][font=Calibri, Calibri_MSFontService, sans-serif]through[/font][font=Calibri, Calibri_MSFontService, sans-serif] our[/font] veins bringing with it a whole new system of beliefs, youth, strength and vitality to fill our bodies. 

  Start your return to Superhero status today!  OR COME AND BE YOUR SUPERHERO self……… I can guide you to find your superhero within.

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