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The experience called Life

The nervous system is our information highway. It is how we communicate with and respond to our environment.  

 Input equals output.

 Every day we need our nervous system to interact with the world around us. We sit , we move, we feel, play and we experience.  
 The more we do, the more we move the more we experience the healthier our NS becomes. This just means that there is more information about our environment buzzing through us every second.  
 When we stagnate, sit for hours, move slowly throughout the day or even do the same sport with the same movement pattern everyday our NS gets lazy and unused. Have you ever heard the phrase, Use it or Lose it?  Well it’s no more true in this beautiful body of ours.  
 There is just too much going on in the body inside and out for the brain to be concerned with parts or systems that is not in use or not stimulated, so to no surprise it get shunted to the side and forgotten until better days.

 This is what happens when we say… “man I’m getting old”

 As we grow older in years life naturally changes, we have to go to work and sit for more hours than we want to admit and face it , that’s just life.  But we also get “busy with life” that  basically means we are slowly shutting down our communication with the world around us. 
The less “interaction” we have with the world through movement , play and new experiences the less our NS is needed, simple as that.
 It doesn’t sound THAT bad does it. But what it does mean is that without consistent new and challenging input we get “lazy ” to respond, our response to our environment and life becomes slow and predictable. We feel old, experience more injuries or even just do less and close ourselves of to a world of experiences and excitement.
 When we “spark up” our nervous system , we move better, we balance better, we feel better and we think better.  This all creates an excitement in our lives, a physical feeling of  happiness and it literally helps us live longer.

 I understand not everyone likes to “exercise” and that’s ok.

 But try to move, balance on a beam or even a side curb in the road, play a game ” step on a crack or you’ll marry a rat” (yea I never quite understood that one. But it doesn’t matter!)    

Walk bare feet on the beach , touch the ground , hop a little  skip a little , look up to the sky and turn around and around.

Life and health doesn’t need to come from hours in a gym or even hardcore downhill biking or marathon running.

It comes from living, playing and experiencing your world.

No go forth and PLAY!!

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