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Feeling overwhelmed?

Life is busy and it only seems to get busier and busier.  I am now in one of that super, feet barely touching ground, busy times of my life and if I have to be honest it is DRAINING!!  It’s not much fun and it’s even hard to  see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

Every now and again a thought pops up ” if I can only get a holiday everything will be ok” but really will it? Or will I just put everything on hold and have to deal with it at some stage anyway?  

As I woke up at 5am this morning to write a blog, writing does not come naturally to me , it takes time and frankly a lot of energy, but anyway, there I was  trying to squeeze something out of my brain before the family wakes up and before “real” life starts.  

By 6am I am super impressed with myself, I’ve done it and it only took me an hour woohoo!  I try to insert a picture, it didn’t look right, I try to delete it and in  ONE SECOND poof!! It’s all gone!!  I was almost in tears thinking I barely had time to write the first blog and now I have to write a second in the same day!

But then I thought to myself :” C’mon girl start practicing what you preach and start DEALING with this rather than grabbing at threads like a crazy woman”

So here I am writing my second blog in one day, two blogs a week is an accomplishment for me 😊

I often talk in my classes about the correlation between a workout session and life. In a typical sessions you would have some stretching, some form of preparation for the workout and the work out itself. The workout is meant to place our bodies and cardio system under enough stress to challenge us, put us under mental and physical stress and  enhance us.  In some high intensity sessions our heart rate might climb so high we could feel physically ill, it could tax our bodies to such an extent we can barely imagine how we will ever get to the end of the session, but yet with a little encouragement, knowing the end will eventually come and a little perseverance we make it to the end only to feel exhilarated with exhaustion and an immense feeling of pride and accomplishment.

In life, our stretch sessions is equivalent to a nice holiday, we rest, recuperate and regenerate. Our preparation time is when we’re busy with work, family and life in general but have everything under control and everything is flowing smoothly but we know this honeymoon can’t last forever and THEN …. we hit the high intensity manic hard core part to the session… the part where I am now.  But in a session everything that needs to be done is nicely written on a whiteboard with exactly what to do for how long and when to take a BREAK. 

My light bulb moment!!

What if I deal with my life like a training session. I KNOW it’s going to be hard I KNOW I will be challenged but I KNOW there is an end.  

So I’ve written everything down that needs to be done, on a nice big whiteboard. I’ve stretched , I’ve prepared and now I’m in it, ready to be amazed at my actual ability to handle what is thrown at me.  

Think about it this way. When you train you know about every exercise that needs to be done to complete the session but you don’t think or worry about them all throughout the whole session, no, you focus is solely on the ONE exercise that you’re busy with, that is all you CAN think about.  

So, if I can focus wholeheartedly on the ONE task I am busy with right now , it will get done, I will survive and I can move onto the next task. AND VOILA!! Suddenly I’m doing one task at a time and not 50, mmmm, that seem remarkably doable.


Find your ONE task, accept the challenge and get it done!! POWER is WITHIN you.

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