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Turning Back The Clock


The flight of time

When I was a kid, everything seemed to take forever, a school day felt like a never ending groundhog day and come Tuesday it felt like a whole week has already gone by.
But now as an adult, a day goes past and I feel cheated  by the hours - shouldn’t there be 24 hours in a day, so why do I only get two?

Here comes my theory… I always wanted to write a “Anel’s book of theories” book, maybe this could be the first entry.

When we are kids we live in a most wonderous world. A world where we perceive  every little detail around  - good or bad. Academics aka School was never my favorite past time, I merely use it for sport and friendships. But even though I didn’t like sitting for hours on end  or being to what to do and had to conform to what a teacher expected of me, I still had heaps of fun. Because I was PRESENT in the moment , I suppose a kind of primal “mindfulness”.
At age 43 there is still tiny insignificant details I can remember about my school days - and that is why they felt so long - every second counted every second had an impact.

But today, today is quite a different story. Today I can barely remember that yesterday every existed. WHY?  Is it my brain, is it early onset dementia or as my mum call it Alzheimer’s light, or merely the fact that today is just a means to get to tomorrow?
There is future due dates for bills, taxes, appointments, kids and meeting to name a few, our whole being is concentrated and focused to get us to tomorrow, which means today never really happened.

Now, I’m not saying not to plan for tomorrow. I encourage you to plan but make sure you return to today. As you run from one appointment to another, count the seconds in between, look up at the sky and find a cloud animal, see the funny face the person in the other car is pulling as you drive past them, see the bee with its little legs full of pollen and you will find that slowly but surely you start to gain seconds back into your life.

Join me now and try just for one hour to actually LIVE for a whole 60 min, 3600 sec. Don’t stop what you’re doing just live WITHIN every second.

Have fun.
See you later.

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