Body Project
Turning Back The Clock


Life should be lived with exuberance. Why should we settle for anything less?

At Body Project we believe in "breaking the mold". To break through and slowly peel away layers and layers of poor movement patterns, years of compensation and ineffective strength that was slapped over an injury as a cure for a weakness. We believe that the majority of injuries show up in an overworked and under supported muscle group, therefore to just strengthen that group might fix the problem in the short term but there will be other injuries down the line because the real cause has not yet been identified.

Through our classes and manual work can we identify where the movement pattern went "of line" and by slow and meticulous movement can we rewire the nervous system to form new natural movement patterns.




Join the only Flowin class in New Zealand, a friction mat that will give you strength, mobility, cardio, alignment and corrects old patterns

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 Move Now

Regain your birth right to strength and vitality

Exercise is not necessarily movement but movement is definitely exercise.

If you have an old or new injury or just a generally out of shape body, this is the class for you!

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Move Now + Cardio

Come and join us for that extra bit of fun. A class that focus on dynamic movement done in a functionally correct way with less rest for enhanced endurance and strength.

We might go out for a walk/run in the mountain, play in a park or enhance our skills indoors, all depending on the weather and current fitness levels.

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Fit 2B Functional Over 50

It's NOT aerobics and it's NOT gym, Fit 2b functional is about you and how your body deals with getting older.

You don’t have a say in getting older but you do have a say in HOW you get older.

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Family Fun and Fitness

Whether you just can't find the time to exercise because you either sit next to a sports field waiting for your child to finish training or need a babysitter to get out or just want to hang out with your kid and have some fun, THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU.

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Re-Move is a rehabilitation specific class.

The focus of this class is to identify old inefficient body patterns that lead to injury.

Breaking through the old patterns and rebuild new functional ones.

It is an injury and client specific class, meaning you will follow your own program and speed needed for your recovery.

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 Old School

 This class will get the heart pumping, blood flowing and a couple of muscle burning.  It is still NOT  high intensity or Boot camp. It is just a consistent work load of movements that is functional in our lives. After this class you will feel strong, capable and energised for any task that might cross your path.

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Sit and Be Fit @ Oakwoods Retirement village

The Sit and Be Fit classes are geared towards our more mature older adults.

This class takes place mainly in a seated position on a chair and encourages spine and joint health, gives arthritic relieve and promotes a better understanding why movement is absolutely vital for energy, pain relief and general day to day living.

Non-Oakwood residence are most welcome to join us.

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What people say

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Anel on the project of rebuilding strength and flexibility on my injured knees. I love that Anel always ensures that I don’t overdo things and I am well prepared for the activities I do.  Reclaiming my physical body through balance and stretches and understanding connections of the body and body engagement within the bounds of my ability has made this journey appropriate and fun. Anel has a wide and thorough knowledge of her practice and has a wonderful knack of explaining things to me.
I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Anel to any one looking for a passionate committed teacher.
Carol B - Nelson

I met Anel not long after she moved to Nelson with her family. I have a long standing chronic illness ..rheumatoid arthritis...and have seen a lot of different people to try and get relief. Right from my first treatment I knew she was different. She was genuinely interested in working with me to help and not just booking appointments in advance. I did get relief from the first treatment and when I need a top up I get in contact with her. When I go Anel will often say " I have been reading up on..... to see if this might help you. My husband says she has 'miracle hands'. 
I have also been going to her movement classes. Let's say she is very forward thinking and onto it. I appreciate her knowledge and her humour....lots of humour.
Cindy Milne - Nelson

I first joined a weekly restorative  group of Anel’s in June of last year following a persistent shoulder injury.  I had received other treatments for this, but without success. 
Anel developed a specific exercise and movement routine for me, and was able to manage and adapt this within the context of the group, alongside working with several other group participants. Within  a few sessions my symptoms started to improve and after about six weeks I was pain free.   
I  since have had a go at high intensity interval training, Flowin and  Natural Movement combo sessions,  all of which are characterised by Anel’s positive energy, her extensive knowledge of the human body and natural movement,  and her dedication to each individual participant’s well being.
Safety is always at the heart of a session and Anel’s comprehensive understanding  of each person's individual challenges makes these programmes fun, safe and effective.
Maria Reid - Nelson